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My job: Help you meet your deadlines.

I hope all is well with you and your family. In these trying times where business is down, we can’t help wonder if the world will ever be the same. I believe all will return to normal, or whatever the new normal will be.


When that happens and sales start coming in your design engineers may become overwhelmed trying to meet deadlines. You will be debating with yourself whether to hire a direct employee or contract out. That’s where I come in. My name is Juli Vatalaro and my company is jvatDE Design Engineering. I work on a project by project basis. I’ll take your client sketch or your hand-drawn sketch on a napkin from conception to model and manufacturing drawings using Solidworks 2020.


No need to pay health insurance or contribute to my 401K. No need to continue to pay a salary when things slow down to a pace more manageable for your team to handle. My pricing is fair and I can be contracted out by project or per hour. Signing an NDA is not a problem.


Please review the samples of my work below. I’ll explain why there are so few when we talk. Thank you in advance for your consideration and stay safe.


Juli Vatalaro




  • Solidworks

  • AutoCAD

  • Cabinet Vision

  • 3d Modeling

  • Designing

  • Drafting

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Data Entry

  • Estimating

  • Material Specification

  • Modification and repair

  • Troubleshooting

  • Technical Writing

  • Project management

  • CNC Programming


•Project Managements: Responsible for project management and design engineering for retail store fixtures.

•Senior Design Engineer:  Employee and time management, organize and submit paperwork, estimating and quoting new fixture pricing, assigning projects, modeling and detail drawings for fixtures to customers specifications, assembly instruction drawings, checking and approving drawings for production and ensuring that deadlines are met.

•Engineering Change Orders: ECR’s from 80 day completion to less than 5 days.

•Design: Designing and creating detail drawings for retail store fixtures, power supplies, utility trucks, bowling equipment and display fixtures, created in wood and metal.

•Technical Writing: Manual, assembly instructions and test procedures.

•Bill of Materials: Create BOM’s from top assembly down to material and hardware.